Japanese customers to visit our company

Japanese customers to visit our company

March 27, 2016, we received a delegation from Japan. The delegation asked us about the refractory material needed for the ceramic kiln. Customers highly praised our product quality and signed a contract to establish a partnership with Rongsheng refractories.


The delegation from Japan was founded in 1952, the company had a long history, the requirements for product quality was very harsh, this coincides with Rongsheng refractories has always been the idea coincide, “product quality for life, corporate integrity as the foundation.



Japan’s delegation mainly understood the alumina bubble bricks and high alumina bricks, by my company manager Liu was responsible for reception. Mrs Liu gave our partners a detailed introduction to my company’s products, and the alumina bubble bricks and high alumina bricks for a special introduction. Our team of friends on our products were very satisfied with the constant praise Rongsheng product quality, and according to their own needs to us to put forward some of the other performance requirements of our products, according to the ceramic furnace refractory with the previous experience, to solve practical problems for customers, they were very satisfied with our services.

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