South Korean customers to visit our company to negotiate

South Korean customers to visit our company to negotiate

May 2, South Korean customers came to Rongsheng refractories were investigated and commercial negotiations.



They first they visited the company’s sample display cabinets, our products on the material, quality, standards and other aspects to give the initial affirmation, and give praise to our company at this stage obtained by comprehensive production pattern and the company of refractory materials in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry
achievement. So that our products were exported to Russia, Japan, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Colombia and many other countries, our quality worthy of your trust.


Customers needed steel mills with G-1 high alumina bricks, our technical staff to provide a reasonable program for reference. Rongsheng refractory production of high alumina bricks with excellent thermal stability, refractoriness, slag resistance. For the steelmaking furnace encountered problems, my company’s technical staff had also been answered, the two
sides were very happy to negotiate. To create value for our customers was to realize their own value, we will provide effective solutions for every partner, from the product to the furnace masonry tracking, regular return visited and other services.

Finally, the customer made a strict request for the product size error, G-1 brick for the straight brick, the standard size of 230 × 150 × 75mm. Our technical staff said that Rongsheng refractories will be on each batch of factory refractory materials for strict testing, was strictly prohibited all products did not meet the standard factory, the customer expressed satisfaction with our rigorous attitude, Rongsheng refractory was your best choice.

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