Spanish customers visit Rongsheng refractories

Spanish customers visit Rongsheng refractories

April 5, 2017, the Spanish customers came to Rongsheng refractory, through a comprehensive investigation with us to establish a cooperative relationship, became our partners.


Spain’s partners mainly engaged in building materials fireplace, our company’s Mrs Gao received the customer.


She explained to the partners in detail the company’s products and strength, the Spanish customers a high degree of recognition of our strength. Customers bring their own technical staff, after reading the product samples have confirmed the quality of our products, and immediately ordered us a lot of clay brick, mullite insulation brick, ceramic fiber blanket and so on.


Rongsheng refractories have their own production and processing factories, has a number of energy efficient automatic production equipment, production of refractory product quality reached a world-class level, has been out of the country, selling overseas.

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