Turkish customers

Turkish customers

Recently, we have received the Turkish customer requirements for the design of the kiln construction of power plants. Due to the large number of construction drawings and complex, our technical staff to customers to do the program immediately. Including 14 types of castables, the number of more than 8,000 tons. More than 300 kinds of refractory bricks, the number of more than 2,000 tons. No matter how tedious the needs of customers, we will give them a satisfactory answer.


Within a week we get the customer’s order and receive the customer’s payment on the tenth day. The first batch of 200 tons of castable in 7 days delivery, we do. Rongsheng Refractories as corporate beliefs: no conditions, no excuse, no impossible.



After delivery, customers fly directly from Turkey to Beijing, and then come to our Rongsheng Refractories, Our sales managers and technical engineers take them to see the castable automated production lines, high alumina brick production line and insulation brick production line, and quality testing process. They are very satisfied with the overall strength of Rongsheng, the next step of cooperation more confidence.


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